Green Forest Tree Service - Tree Services - Tree Trimming & PruningGreen Forest Tree Service is a locally owned company with ISA Certified Arborists specializing in tree trimming

Proper trimming and pruning techniques must be applied to maintain the proper health and lasting beauty of trees. Regular tree trimming can greatly stimulate growth, health and preserve the looks of a tree.

Trimming might look like a straightforward job that can be handled as a do-it-yourself project but this can actually lead to damage to your trees, your property, or yourself. If improper pruning techniques are applied, you are risking the health of your trees, and they could face instability, disease, decay, and a shorter life expectancy.

How often should your trees be trimmed

A lot of mature trees will need trimming every three years or so. If they are situated near the home, power lines or other obstructions, or if they grow very quickly, they might have to be trimmed even more often. The perfect time to trim your trees is just before they start to leaf out around late fall or early in the spring. However, you will know it’s time to trim your trees if:

  • You see branches stretching towards the roof or power lines
  • It has been more than three years since the last tree trimming
  • The trees require reshaping
  • The trees have broken or dead branches

Specifications and definitions of tree trimming and pruning

The lifespan of your trees and their advantages are increased when you start trimming them as saplings. Trees require different trimming and pruning packages as they mature. Our tree trimming and pruning management plans will help grow your investment by increasing the value of your property.

  • Fine Trimming & Tree Pruning: Thinning ornamental trees to remove contradictory branches, dead branches and then shaping to its natural form.
  • Complete Tree Trimming & Pruning: Remove conflicting branches to increase air flow and light penetration through the trees. This is ideal for mature and misshaped trees.
  • Safety Tree Trimming Services: Address trees with safety issues and remove all broken and dead branches.
  • Tree Crown Reduction: The spread and/or height of trees can be reduced when there are sight or distance issues.


Thank you for your interest in Green Forest Tree Service. Our professional team of ISA and ANSI certified arborists have the knowledge and skill to take care of all of your tree trimming and pruning needs. To receive an estimate or request a consultation, give us a call at (303) 396-0500 or complete our service request form below.