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After a tree has been felled and removed, the job is only half done; The surviving stump must also be dealt with. Tree stump grinding and removal can be completed in a day or two. The size of the tree in question, the expanse of its root system and other factors must be considered before choosing between stump grinding or stump removal. We have the right equipment and knowledgeable experts to grind or remove tree stumps of all sizes.


In stump removal, the root system must be cut off. With the right equipment, the bulk of the stump is then dug out and lifted away using a crane. Stump removal can be very hard and sometimes even impossible with old trees because of their deep, complex root systems.


Stump grinding comes in when stump removal is difficult or impossible. After traditional methods are employed to cut off all parts of the tree that can be handled, a machine is introduced to help shred and grind the tree stump into chips and mulch. After that, fertilizer or soil is used to cover up the tree stump marking the end of the stump. Wood chips produced from this process can be used as decoration or mulch on your property.

Other reasons for stump removal and grinding

Stump grinding and removal does not always follow a planned tree removal process. In a case where bad weather or age has caused a tree to fall, the entire root system might be yanked out of the ground along with the tree, which means the stump can be disposed of with the fallen tree. In such a case, nature has already handled much of the work. Most stump removal jobs are associated with fallen trees. No matter how straightforward this might sound, it should be handled with the utmost care. If the root system is not secured before the tree trunk is cut, the trunk might tip right back into the ground hole during its removal process. This could cause harm to people or equipment and severely complicate the stump removal process.


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