Green Forest Tree Service - Tree Services - shrub pruningGreen Forest Tree Service is a locally owned company with ISA Certified Arborists specializing in shrub pruning

Shrubs are helpful because they add texture, color and balance to any landscape. A certain level of fluidity is added to the landscape when flowering deciduous shrubs are present. They offer flowers and foliage in the summer, new growth in the spring, and dormancy in the winter. Evergreen shrubs bring about continuity and permanence in landscape.

Just like trees are pruned to improve appearance and health, shrubs in Denver also need pruning. Shrubs will be full of flowers and foliage when they are pruned periodically. Our ISA certified arborists favor manual shrub pruning with their own hands. When they handle shrub pruning in this way, diseased and dead stems are properly cut off and the shrub is shaped into its natural form.

Some customers prefer a more formal look for their hedges and shrubs. For this, our expert arborists make great use of their shears. Shearing shrubs creates a thick plant for screens and borders. A shrub or hedge that is sheared requires periodic thinning to maintain its vigor and continued health.

Definitions of shrub pruning

  • Rejuvenation: in this case, the shrub is cut down to its low stump during early spring or winter. This treatment is suitable for shrubs that have been damaged. It is also ideal for shrubs that have overgrown their allotted space.
  • Natural Prune: in this case, any visibly dead pat of the shrub is removed during pruning. The shrub is shaped and/or reduced appropriately and foliage is thinned out. This type of shrub pruning is accomplished using hand tools like loppers, hand pruners and hand saws.
  • Shear: in this case, the shrub is sheared into a round shape or a hedge to produce a formal look. We recommend some thinning be combined with shearing so that space is created for light to penetrate the shrubs.
  • Renewal Thin: this is very similar to the natural prune explained above. In this case, some of the older canes are selected and pruned to give room for regeneration and penetration of light. The aim of this kind of pruning is to elevate foliage on the bottom half of the shrub.


Thank you for your interest in Green Forest Tree Service. Our professional team of ISA and ANSI certified arborists have the knowledge and skill to take care of all of your shrub pruning needs. To receive an estimate or request a consultation, give us a call at (303) 396-0500 or complete our service request form below.