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Jeremy Grinwald

About Jeremy Grinwald


Owner / ISA Certified Arborist (RM-2526-A)

I moved to Denver in 1999 after growing up in the woods of Wisconsin. After going to school for a Tool and Die Making and Computer Programming Degree, I realized that I need to work outside. I started my “Green Industry” experience at TruGreen spraying lawns and quickly moved to tree care.

In 2003, I started working for Elk Creek Lawn and Tree Care part-time while I also worked for Highlands Ranch Metro District in their Forestry Department. I had eventually moved to the Natural Resource Departments all while still freelancing for Elk Creek Lawn and Tree Care. In 2010, I started my full-time career with Elk Creek Lawn and Tree Care as Lead Pruner.

As of May 2016, I purchased the Pruning Department from owner Chad Mullins, and have kept the same quality standards that I helped build over the years. Although there was a name change involved with the changing of hands, we still work as one big family.


  • Tree Worker License Holder for The City of Denver and surrounding cities
  • More than 19 years of experience in the tree service industry
  • Formerly certified as a “Qualified Supervisor” through the State of Colorado in Tree Pest Management, Aquatic Weed Control, and Rangeland Weed Control
  • Formerly certified in Wildland Fire Fighting
  • Certified Arborist since 2004

My goal is to provide quality tree care at a reasonable price. Continue to hire remarkably skilled employees as the company grows to preserve the high quality of work that has appealed to my customers. Remain the honest, trustworthy arborist that is looking to build a life-long relationship with my customers and their trees.