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Caleb Mende

About Caleb Mende


ISA Certified Arborist (SO- 7067A)

Caleb grew up in Maine and has been climbing trees almost since he was able to walk. While studying Environmental Science at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, he worked on the Landscaping Crew at the school and began training as an arborist. By the time he graduated, he was running the school’s Tree Crew. Since then he has been a professional arborist and avid tree climber.

In addition to climbing trees for a living, Caleb enjoys mentoring new arborists, teaching them the ropes and getting them psyched to care for trees. When he’s not up in a tree, Caleb is usually climbing rocks or ice.


  • Certified Treecare Safety Professional (2046)
  • Graduated Warren Wilson College, 2012, B.S. Environmental Studies, concentration: Forestry
  • 9 Years as an Arborist
  • Worked in North Carolina for 8 Years climbing monster trees
  • Very safety conscious

It’s Caleb’s goal to develop a training plan for new arborists, obtain his Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, compete in a Tree Climbing Competition next year, constantly improve his knowledge about trees, climbing and rigging…