Written by Jeremy Grinwald

The Importance of Regular Tree Trimming in Denver, Colorado

Do you own a home or business with one or more trees on the property? How long has it been since the trees were pruned or trimmed back? If it’s been several years or if you simply don’t know how long it’s been since the trees were trimmed, now is a good time to remedy that situation.

There are a number of reasons why trimming and pruning are essential to maintaining your trees. Some of these reasons include:

Healthier Trees

Trees are not able to deal with damage and disease in the same way that animals can. Even if the tree is able to recover from the damage or disease, the tree’s response may be to sacrifice the damaged or diseased area so that it doesn’t cause harm to the rest of the tree. Without regular tree trimming, this can leave dead or dying tree limbs which not only are these unsightly to look at, but the dead wood can attract new pests.

Prevent Damage

Dead or dying limbs can not only be dangerous to the tree, but they can also be dangerous to your family, and your property. An unpruned tree may shed limbs in a mild to moderate breeze, causing injury or damage to anyone or anything that happens to be below. An ISA certified arborist can identify which limbs are going to be most likely to fall when it is windy. These limbs can then be removed as a preventative measure so that there is significantly less danger of damage or injury from that particular tree.

Better Growth

It may seem strange to think that tree trimming is the best way to encourage your trees to grow, but this can definitely be the case. A tree that hasn’t been properly pruned in a while will have limbs growing at random and some branches may cross other limbs, with some sections blocking light and airflow for other sections. An ISA certified arborist will be able to identify these problem areas and will be able to remove them.